My story

Let’s go back to where it all began – 2020, a year of change for many, including me.

Reflecting on my journey into motherhood during a pandemic, I discovered reservoirs of strength I never knew I had.

From the uncertainties of pregnancy to the intensity of childbirth, each moment taught me resilience and adaptation.

It was during those surreal times, craving a tangible reminder of hope and beauty, that I found myself improvising a photoshoot in my living room.

Little did I know, that spontaneous act would blossom into years later. It’s a testament to the power of creativity, determination, and the transformative journey of motherhood.

So, welcome to a place where we celebrate the beauty of motherhood and the strength of female entrepreneurship, preserving these special chapters of our lives together.

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Filled with Good Vibes & Minimalist Style

My approach to photography?

It’s all about warmth, connection, and realness. I keep things down-to-earth and fun, so people feel relaxed from the get-go.

No rush, just genuine moments.

I can conduct your photoshoot in English, German, French, or Hungarian—just choose your preferred language!

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