For women who cherish timeless style captured with genuine emotion, offers an inspired blend of authenticity, artistic vision, and heartfelt connections.

Located in Neudorf, Strasbourg, this cozy home studio provides the perfect setting to create memories that last a lifetime.


For the radiant mamas-to-be…Your body, your journey, it’s incredible. Let me capture it with gentle attention and artistic finesse, preserving the beauty and wonder of this extraordinary time in your life.


In the brand spotlight sessions, I capture the essence of your personal brand, creating photos that resonate with your audience and elevate your entrepreneurial presence.

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Experience the heartfelt connection between parents and child with a family photo session. These intimate portraits capture your bond and tenderness, preserving moments of love and affection that will warm your heart for years.

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Hey hello! I’m Flóra

Strasbourg-based photographer, I’m so glad you found my page.

In my studio, creativity and empowerment are at the heart of my work. I embrace a minimalist style, focusing on the pure and essential elements to capture your unique essence and help you feel confident and seen.

Join me on this journey of discovering beauty and strength, one photograph at a time. Let’s create something amazing together!

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“Flora is a photographer who will immediately put you at ease with her down-to-earth personality and unique sense of humor. She truly listens, builds empathy, and captures moments full of warmth, honesty, and beauty.What I like about Flora is that she will give you the time you need to feel ready and comfortable in front of the camera.”— Venesa


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